Radio Dhoni

Radio Dhoni (a sister concern of WEGA ZONE LIMITED) is the first Digital FM News based Radio station in Bangladesh. We have started our journey from 14 April 2015.

Our Vision: 

Our vision is to establish ourselves as one of the best news station in Bangladesh. Our vision is to be the voice of freedom for different sectors, will highlight the issues of concerns & the cultural richness through news, information, discussion & entertainment.
Radio dhoni will properly guide it’s transparency of responsibility that ensure its position as the most credible & meaningful sources of news & information through it’s quality programming based issues. Radio Dhoni will provide program where listeners can relate to themselves and hereby will create listeners locality & response. Radio Dhoni forge an alliance among it’s three stakeholder -Listeners, Advertisers & Employers.

Radio Dhoni will focus on providing best, true, proper and positive news to its listeners. Our broadcasters will move around the country & also outside the country to gather all the informative, valuable daily basis authentic news. Radio dhoni is moving forward with its slogan “Saradin Sararaat” which carries it’s characteristics. Our investment in human resource as it is recognized to be the foundations upon which the news’s future will be built & this will allow Radio Dhoni 91.2 FM to attain sustain a leadership position. Radio dhoni has appointed bright broadcasters as editors & news reporters to deliver news in a different way. Thus fulfilling the promises associated with its creation. We believe all positive emotions and positive outcomes will come from positive vision.

However, most media outlets provide fear aged program that consistently assort as with negativity both consciously & sub consciously which help us fear.
Our informative news & programs are designed to give our listeners facts in a peaceful way without sensation providing controversy rather with truth which will Eliminate fear factors from our media.

Our aim is to bring a positive change in Bangladesh through valuable, balanced & accurate news & information. Radio Dhoni will also broadcast information based talk show, documentation & all other fields which can bring a positive impact to our listeners. Radio Dhoni team will also focus on the fact behind the news. With these visions radio Dhoni dreams to be the country’s best FM station.