I-Radio Makassar

96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR is a commercial radio that presents 100% OFFICE INDONESIA. In addition to INFORMATIVE in news delivery, 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR also invites its listeners to participate INTERACTIVE in various topics and quizzes that are packed with a touch of INTERMEZZO typical I-Radio. This is in accordance with the basic pillars of I-Radio that is 4-i [Indonesia, Informative, Interactive and Intermezzo]

In addition to the city of Makassar, I-Radio Network previously also present in 4 other major cities include, 89.6 FM I-Radio Jakarta, 105.1 FM I-Radio Bandung, 88.7 FM I-Radio Jogja and 98.3 FM I-Radio Medan and will continue to grow in other major cities in Indonesia

With a mission to advance the Indonesian music industry and make Indonesia’s music as the host in their own country, 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR present as one of the containers for Indonesian musicians to be able to continue working. 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR wants to make Indonesian music as part of lifestyle of Indonesian people

96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR just play the Indonesian Champion !! for 24 hours nonstop. The concept of playing music is Indonesian songs that are, ever and will be the hits of sharing the flow of music. In addition to music can also be heard a variety of information about the album, artist and career journey of the Indonesian musicians


National : Champion Music Indonesia !!
Local : I-Nakke, I-Katte, I-Radio [I, You, are I-Radio]


Age : 15 – 35 years old
SES : B – C – A
Character : Soul Young, Active, Energetic, Following Latest Developments and What is Definitely
Love Proud of Indonesia Music
Station ID : 96 FM I-Radio Makassar


96.0 FM broadcaster greeting I-RADIO MAKASSAR to his audience is I-Listeners. This greeting form, similar to the mention or pronunciation of I-Radio. Because 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR is a radio not only local but a mixture of cultures that ultimately support the mission of 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR to be known as a radio station that 100% of Indonesia’s international vision


The 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR broadcasters of course represent their listeners. They are young people representing Active Soul, Energetic, have National and International Insight and always follow the progress that is going on.

In the delivery of broadcasters I-Radio Makassar occasionally also use the accent and Makassar term to get closer to all elements of Makassar


MORNING MORNING [Monday – Friday, 06.00 – 10.00 am]

I-Listeners are invited to talk about the latest conditions in Makassar, ranging from traffic info to incidental events that can be reported directly to 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR. I-Listeners can also tell about activities and other personal things

Champion [Air Performance]
In this segment, 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR provides a container to I-Listeners for Punctilio- Uneg uneg around Makassar, such as Traffic, Urban, Pedestrian, Public Service and hope for improvement of Makassar city. Everything will be packed in a relaxed yet contained format

Mini Hat [Attractive Topic This Morning]
96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR will discuss interesting topics / issues that are happening from different angles, of course with the light but clever style that characterizes I-Radio.

In addition to the Interesting Topics there is also a variety of information that can refresh the mind of I-Listeners, ranging from the atmosphere as well as the habits of the morning, share tips, health information, lifestyle, to unique things quoted from various sources

Insert & Interactive: Goccang [Gombalannya Sophisticated and Fast], Sendawa [May You laugh], KPK [Thursday Piti Kana Kanai], Spicy [Intelligent Question], Morning Healthy Chat [Health Info & Tips with Doketr Expert], Cinema I- Radio, Book Collection, Love Song and First Champion-Radio Song [12 songs without pause 10.00, Äì 11.00 wita]

SORELAM, Afternoon Afternoon to Night [Monday, Friday, 5:00, 21:00 pm]

I-Listeners are invited to talk about the latest conditions in Makassar, ranging from traffic info to incidental events that can be reported directly to 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR. I-Listeners can also tell about activities and other personal things

Tips and Light Chat
Provide a variety of information that can refresh the mind of I-Listeners after tired all day activities, ranging from sharing kinds of info and tips light, lifestyle, to unique things quoted from various sources

Send Greetings
In this segment I-Listeners can request their favorite songs and send greetings to anyone who I-Listeners want via SMS, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter or Phone Live

Special Program: Serem [All Memorandum, for 60 minutes I Listeners will be brought back a few years ago through songs, topics, events and objects of the past that sometimes make I-Listeners smile and embarrassed to remember them], The Leader inspires I-Listeners on how to be a leader in running a business, achieving success, including sharing tips and moral messages]

CENTRAL MIDNIGHT [Every day, 23:00, 02:00 pm]

There is no longer a lonely night, because 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR will be a companion to I-Listeners on the move at night, I-Listeners who are busy with tasks and overtime up to I-Listeners who have trouble sleeping. In addition to a selection of songs that Champion, I-Listeners can also Request Song, Curhat, Interaction in Light Topics, Send Greetings to chat unique things typical of the night

SMS- Saturday Sunday Broadcast [11.00, 15.00 wita]

96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR will accompany Saturday and Sunday I-Listeners with various unique things in Indonesia ranging from culture to culinary that is very diverse in Indonesia while I-Listeners can Request and Send Greetings at will. Apart from Studio, SMS program occasionally also do outdoor broadcast from some location become icon in Makassar city.

SORELAM WEEKEND [Saturday and Sunday, 17:00, 21:00 WITA]

96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR in this program presents a complete broadcast menu ranging from exciting light chat, snack info and culinary city of Makassar as well as various exciting intermezzo inside.

Chat with the community through the Community Gathering program, jamming with Indie Makassar musicians in the Indie-GO 960 program !! and see the artist’s journey in making an Album and Song. Everything is in here!! Apart from the Studio, the occasional Sorelam Weekend program also performs Outdoor broadcast from several shopping centers / malls in the city of Makassar


Monday – Friday, 11.00 – 17.00 and 21.00 – 23.00 wita
Saturday & Sunday, 06.00 – 11.00, 15.00 – 17.00 and 21.00 – 23.00 pm

SEND OF SALAM [Program Submit Salaam and Request Song]
I-FAKTA [Latest news, Actual and Factual News]
KUPAS ABIS [Listening to Indonesian Musicians’ Album and Daily]
I-CLASSIC [Indonesian Classical Song, era beginning of 90 to early 2000]
SENANDUNG LOVE [Play Indonesian Love-themed song]
INDONESIA 40 [40 Indonesian charts – Indonesian Music Barometer]
ENTER 1 CAN 3 [bonus 2 songs from same musician]
SENDAWA – May You laugh [insertion contains a funny story delivered by I-Radio announcer with style and backsound typical of each city]
INDIE-GO [Program for Indie Indonesia musicians showing their work]
SABOTASE I-Radio [Indonesian musician was asked to broadcast for full 2 hours to spoil the fans of each Indonesian music artist]


In addition to a series of names of the above program, 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR also has tailor made program which is a special program made on request and client needs, can be in the form of insert program or special program

96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR also serves the needs of advertisers for Off Air activities, broadcast production and syndication programs with the support of various companies under the banner of MRA Media Group and other business partners throughout Indonesia

Under control, Sales & Marcomm Department, 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR embodies all clients’ wishes to promote their products either On Air or Off Air activities

96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR also has a Research and Development Department, which provides all information for the 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR’s own interest and also for the benefit of clients by conducting a survey of their products. Armed with the results of the survey, 96.0 FM I-RADIO MAKASSAR will accommodate all the needs of clients.