I-Radio Medan

89.6 fm I-Radio is a radio that presents 100% Music Indonesia. From its 24 hours of broadcast I-Radio comes with quality domestic music from the early 90s era to the millennium era. The types of music we choose are songs that are, ever and will soon be hits from various streams, such as pop, pop rock, jazz, hip hop, ska, ballads to alternatives.


Not only presenting quality domestic music, but 89.6 fm I-Radio also provide updated information for listeners. All kinds of information can be obtained at 89.6 fm I-Radio. From light information about weather forecasts, rupiah exchange rate, traffic congestion, television shows, films playing in theaters, cheap and cheap places to eat, train schedules and job openings, to somewhat heavier information on politics, economics, legal, social and cultural rights.


89.6 fm I-Radio is also a highly interactive radio. There is almost no program at 89.6 fm I-Radio that does not involve the listener. Listeners can always interact with their favorite broadcasters in various forms ranging from Send Greetings, Request, Job Search, Opinion, Polls to hunt rewards in various Quiz and Games of interest. The means we provide so that listeners can easily interact with 89.6 fm I-Radio is phone, fax, SMS, e-mail, twitter, fanpage and web site www.iradiofm.com


And finally as a complementary menu, 89.6 fm I-Radio also convey something that is intermezzo. There are satirical messages that we convey in various ways, such as jokes broadcaster, radio play, word material, insert, features and others.


Age: 21 s / d 35 years
SES: B, C and A
Character: Young, active, passionate, keep up with the latest developments and
certainly 100% love Indonesian music.

Greeting announcer 89.6 fm I-Radio for listeners is I-Listeners. The form and pronunciation of the word I-Listeners is similar to the I-Radio pronunciation, which is using English pronunciation. Because through this way of pronunciation 89.6 fm I-Radio wants to convey that he is a radio with national but international content.


The 89.6 fm I-Radio broadcasters of course represent the character of the listeners. They are Indonesian music lovers who are youthful, passionate, understand the Indonesian-an, international and follow the latest developments. During this time they were educated and handled by a terrific group of experienced expertise in the world of radio.

Every day the announcers of 89.6 fm I-Radio will accompany I-Listeners activities with Indonesian music treats, information, invite I-Listeners to interact and berintermezzo by conveying things that are able to erase fatigue and boredom. Coupled with the slogan 89.6 fm I-Radio is 100% Music Indonesia!