Light FM Lebanon

Light FM is Beirut’s Feel Good radio station. In 1989, we started as an amateur radio station, broadcasting from a basement, and known only by our frequency, 88.3FM. Throughout the years, more and more listeners started tuning in to forget their everyday stress, using the simplest and strongest of tools: Good Music.

Today, as one of the leading radio stations in Lebanon, we are still driven by the same passion for music, and help quality brands deliver their messages to a quality audience, with a reach expanding beyond the FM bandwidth through a strong digital presence in social media and on mobile devices.

What is Light music?

Basically, it’s music that can be listened to continuously, anyplace and anytime: work, home, study, drive, or just while you relax. It crosses all genres, from jazz, blues, rock, pop, and folk to R&B, lounge, funk soul, latin, or house even. We play classic artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John, or Sade, mixed with today’s chart-toppers such as Rihanna, Maroon 5, Coldplay, or Adele. Plus, we constantly strive to discover new international and local artists, to always bring freshness to our listeners. Our vast database gives our listeners a variety of all time hits as well as new cool tunes around the clock, but most of all their light favorites back to back.

Quality content for Quality listeners

At Light FM, we try to follow what you are doing and give you the right music and entertainment. We accompany you on your way to work and back, then we start your evening with a journey of music discovery, brought to you by our expert DJs, and end your day with smooth, soothing classics.