Rockcity FM 101.9

RockCity FM is the first News, Talk and Entertainment (NTE) station in Nigeria and also the first Independent Radio station in Abeokuta and Ogun State in general. Situated at Asero area of the city, the station operates at spectrum 101.9 on the FM dial.

RockCity 101.9 FM is owned by BOOT COMMUNICATIONS LTD as duly licensed by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

RockCity FM commenced operation on December 22, 2008 and has since then captured the imagination of listeners in its catchment area; hence it is known as the number one radio station in Ogun State and referred to as “the voice of the people.” As the first private radio station in Ogun State, we are a trailblazer. Added to this historical achievement is our flair for innovative programming with emphasis on information and entertainment.


To advance the cause of attaining a fair and just society through the broadcast of credible news, information and entertaining programmes


To serve our community and nation by:

  1. Being the most trusted source of credible news and information, high quality entertainment and education
  2.  Tirelessly promoting community harmony, national interest, unity and cohesion
  3.  Broadening our listener’s horizons and enhancing the quality of their lives


To conduct honest business


Our listenership is estimated at over 20million people (including on-line listeners), among who are high net-worth individuals (HNI), company executives, top government functionaries and decision makers with high purchasing power (HPP).

Very high listenership is generated daily via our live streaming from 14 countries: US, UK, Nigeria, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa, Japan, Ireland, Netherlands, China, Germany, Sweden, Korea, Austria etc.

The quality of our programmes, coupled with our historical achievements, has not only made us outstanding, it has also endeared us to radio listeners in our coverage area so much that we have become, in a very short time, the darling station for all and sundry.