Adele’s Best Songs – The Singer Who Broke All Records and Sided on Top

I think Adele is best described as the singer who broke all records. The little English girl who now sits at the top of the singing started the journey of fame and stardom before she was twenty years old and was able within a few years to prove that she is a singer and writer of very talented songs and to reach her voice and songs To millions of listeners around the world, and break several records that no singer has achieved before.

Adele was born and raised in northern England. When her mother noticed the daughter’s talent and passion for music, she was presented to her at Brett School of Art, the school where legend “Amy Winehouse” received her education and played luck with her after one of her friends published her school project of three songs on the site “Mai” Spice” to contract with a production company a few months after her graduation to release her first album, when she was nineteen years old.

The album achieved great fame in the United Kingdom, and luck played its role with it again when she participated in the program “Saturday Night Live” in the United States of America, so 24 hours do not pass, but her album jumps to the first place on the “iTunes” website after the American fans got to know her through the program Let Adele go global.

Adele” achieved great fame in a few years, and by 2011 she released her second album on the throne of the best-selling album list 11 consecutive weeks to break the record for one of “Madonna” albums and achieved huge sales exceeding thirty million copies.

In 2012, Adele released the song “Skyfall,” which has the same title for the song to be a great success and won her Academy Award.

In 2015, Adele released her third album, which achieves fictional sales of 3.3 million copies in the first week, breaking the record for the “NSYNC” band, and it becomes the only album in the history that one million copies are banned in the United Kingdom within ten days.

Record records continue with the song “Hello,” which is the first music video to be filmed with the advanced IMAX cameras, as it enters history as the first single that has been downloaded more than a million times in just one week. It also succeeded in reaching a billion views within 88 days only. To become the fastest song of a billion views in history.

And we review with you here the most beautiful songs of Adele over the years, and the preference here is of course due to my personal taste, you can agree or disagree with me, but I am sure that you will certainly enjoy with me a group of the most beautiful “Adele” that broke all records.


In this part of music in Radio online we will list to you some of the best Adele’s songs in albums:


Adele 19:

After Adele graduated from her school in 2006, she recorded a school project consisting of three songs and gave it to one of her friends who published the songs on the “My Space” website, which led to the spread of the songs, which caught the attention of the production company “XL Recordings”, which communicated with “Adele” and contracted with her to produce Her first album, the album was titled “19” since she was nineteen years old when it was released.

The album was released in January 2008 and achieved tremendous success. The album was nominated for the 2008 Mercury Award in the category of Best Album. It was also nominated for four “Grammy” awards, “Best New Artist”, “Record of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, and “Best Performance” My voice for women’s pop.”

The album included 12 songs, “Adele” wrote herself the lyrics of most of those songs, while he composed them “Jim Apis”. The best songs for the album for me were:

She was chasing Pavements, which include the words “Adele” and “Egg White”.

Hometown Glory is one of the words “Adele”.

Make You Feel My Love, which is one of the words “Bob Dylan”.

Cold Shoulder It is the words of “Adele” and “Sasha Scarbak”.

Daydreamer is one of the words “Adele”.

Empty words of “Adele” and “Eg White”.


Adele 21:

In January 2011, “Adele” released her second album, entitled “21”, and the album topped sales once it was released, ranking the best-selling list in more than 30 countries around the world. It was the best-selling album in 2011 and 2012, and ranked first in the best-selling album list in the 21st century in the UK and fourth in the list of best-selling albums ever in the world.

The album was ranked best-selling list for 24 consecutive weeks to achieve a new record, the album was nominated for the Mercury Award 2011, and won the “Grammy” as the best album of 2012.

Rihanna’s best songs: from the Caribbean to America, to become one of the most famous pop singers in the world

The album included 11 songs, “Adele” wrote herself the lyrics of most of those songs.

Someone Like You is the closest song to my heart, which is written by “Adele” and “Dan Wilson”.

Rolling in the Deep is from Adele and Paul Abarth.

Set Fire to the Rain are words from “Adele” and “Fraser Smith”.

Turning Tables are the words of “Adele” and “Ryan Bidder”.

Rumor Has It, which includes the words of “Adele” and “Ryan Bidder”.


Adele 25:

After an absence of five years, “Adele” released her third album in November 2015, the title of the album is her age during recording the album as usual “25” and the album achieved tremendous success and broke records of sales in more than 30 countries in its first week, where in the first week he sold more than 3.3 million copies To set a new record as the best-selling album for the first week in history.

And the success continued over the years until he became the best-selling album in 2015 and 2016, and the album won the award “BRIT” as the best British album for 2015 and won five “Grammy” awards in 2017 are the “Best Album” awards and “Song of the Year” for The song’s album, “Hello,” “Record of the Year,” and “Best Solo Performance,” made Adele the first artist in history to win three public domain awards at the same ceremony twice, after previously winning all three categories in 2012.

The album included 11 songs, and as usual, Adele wrote herself the lyrics of most of those songs, and the best songs for me were:

Hello, which are the words of “Adele” and “Greg Kirsten.”

When We Were, Young are words from “Adele” and “Tobias Gesso Junior”.

All I Ask are the words of “Adele”, the trio “Bruno Mars”, “Philip Lawrence”, and “Brody Brown”.

Send My Love are the words of “Adele”, the duo “Max Martin” and “Shilpa”.

Water Under the Bridge are words from “Adele” and “Greg Kirsten.”