Eastside Radio

Eastside Radio is the community station for the City of Sydney and Eastern Suburbs. Having been on air for over 30 years the station is an established cultural icon with a loyal following of listeners.

We love the arts, jazz music, world music, the blues, soul music, Hip Hop, funk and electronic sounds. We are the only station in Sydney to devote 5 mornings a week to supporting theatre, dance, film, design, literature, indigenous, visual and other art forms. Every afternoon we focus on the issues that matter to the community.

We are the heartbeat of our community.

Many of our presenters and producers are working musicians, DJs and artists at the forefront of Sydney’s creative scene. Others come from distinguished careers in politics, advertising, journalism, science and education. While are youthful broadcasters are at the start of creating their own successful journey.

We’re also more than just a radio station. We’re streaming online and available On Demand with an expanding international presence. Our love of social media places us at the forefront of community radio stations worldwide. We love stepping outside of the studios too and don’t mind throwing a festival or two!

Over 30,000 people listen exclusively to Eastside Radio and a total of 76,000 people tune in over the course of one week. That figure grows to 160,000 listeners in a month and our website currently has 40,000 hits per month. Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube networks now reach between 15,000 to 20,000 people ever week and our fortnightly EDM goes out to over 5,000 subscribers.