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    Please follow these requirements to add your station in our website.

    Stream URL: Send your Shoutcast 1 & 2, Icecast link. Radio Streaming link should be IP address+port number, both join by a colon [example:] If you are confused then talk to your radio service provider. Sample link:

    Logo: Send us a 1200×525 px logo, white or transparent background preferred. Keep some empty space on top and bottom of logo or keep your focused area in the middle of the image. See sample logo

    Description: Your radio stations description in 50-170 words [more than 170 words is ok].

    Country: Operation from which country or which country’s audience targeted.

    Music genre/tag: Add few genre name or your station’s tags.

    Sample Radio Station: Jago FM 94.4


    Please note that the review and approval time is dependent on our workload, if we have free time it will be quick approval but when we have a lot of work it might take 5-14 days to approve. Consider a small gift at least $5 to PayPal: [email protected] or follow this link and send us an email at [email protected] to give prioritize to your request. Thanks

    Check Which Radio Added by Gift

    Are you out of clue? You just send us your website link where the radio station is playing, we’ll do the adding work for you! Request here