Nowadays online radio is most popular platform of radio industry. Because it’s cheap to build, easy to start, require less knowledge and resource to run the station and available for all over the world at almost every internet accessible device. What Equipment Need for Online Radio Station? For a newcomer in online radio station this […]

Internet radio has the potential to be the most ubiquitous form of media ever. More commanding of your attention than film, television, or books. This is because listening to music can be enjoyed while doing other activities. Before I go further, let me make an important distinction: there are two types of listeners, lean back […]

Internet radio started out in the early 1990s as a hobbyist’s plaything, first cousin to “ham” shortwave radio. Then the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 imposed a burdensome royalty payment structure on any web-station with more than a couple hundred listeners. That buried a bunch of those basement startups. Today, only the stronger survive. […]

The evolution of social media and digital marketing created an often-overwhelming choice for promoting your internet station to a huge number of potential listeners. However, like many folks, you’ll be finding it increasingly difficult to realize meaningful traction in ever more crowded digital environment. Now that tech giants are raising the value of access to […]

Suffering cabin fever? Need an escape? The Internet radio can fling open the doors. Whisper a few call letters into a smart speaker, summon a smartphone app, or tap a few computer keys to be whisked far, far away from your locked-down existence, transported across the country or half-way around the world, with nary a […]

t-Radio by Dilmah is the world’s first tea inspired radio station, offering an eclectic selection of music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, including elegant jazz, sophisticated and relaxed contemporary music which perfectly accompany fine tea. Amidst the beautiful music, short interviews with tea and culinary experts, the latest news about the natural goodness […]

FM radio stations in all the world have tried one way or another in the past few years. In the face of declining public interest in radio, the rapid development of technology, and fierce competition, the owners of large radio stations no longer feel as comfortable as they are in the “complete zero.” Let’s try […]

Away from all the topics of corona …. Today in this part in our Online Radio, this paragraph submitted by Sam Broadcaster we will talk about Korean pop or [kpop] music has become tremendously popular, as its fan base has expanded a lot over the past few years, and it’s getting more significant day by […]

As a blogger or website owner, you may need to support the site by adding your radio through which you interact with your blog or website visitors, as well as a live video broadcast through which you can communicate with your followers, as is the case in a professional’s blog. In this blog, I will […]

How to make an Internet broadcast, users can create an Internet broadcast through direct audio broadcasting and using various technological programs that allow broadcasting audio directly on the Internet. Mixlr is one of the examples of these programs, and it can be used by installing the program, creating an account on it, and linking Microphone, […]

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